How to recycle


Sorting and organizing your waste paper will ease recycling

Waste paper we collect will be used as raw material for new paper products. Please sort and organize the paper appropriately to make recycling easier.

  • Old Corrugated Containers

    Please bind together.

    Will be used for recycled carton boxes

  • Old News Paper

    Please bind together.

    Will be used for recycled newspaper, flyers, or magazines

  • Magazines

    Please bind together.

    Will be used for paper boards, such as tissue boxes or food packaging

  • Office paper

    Please bind together or put in bags or boxes

    Will be used for recycled toilet paper

  • Paper packs

    Please wash and bind together when dry.

    Will be used for recycled toilet paper, tissue paper etc.

Please be aware of prohibited materials


Please don't mix the following materials in your waste paper

They can't be recycled and could affect the products

Prohibited Materials

  • Thermal paper

    Receipts or Braille paper

  • Carbon paper

    Air way bill etc.

  • Sublimation transfer printing paper

    Used for iron printing etc.

  • Paper with smell

    Soap boxes, Incense boxes or detergent boxes etc.

  • Others

    Photos, oily paper or seals

Materials other than paper

  • Clips

    Clips for paper works

  • Metal parts on files

    Please get rid from paper files

  • Styrofoam

    This can't be collected

  • Plastic or glass

    Such as cases for CDs or DVDs

  • Cloth

    Please separate from paper


Stay safe when delivering your waste paper

Mills can be busy with trucks depending on the time. Please make sure to stay safe. For locations, please refer to the link below.