Saito Eiji Co.,Ltd

We are a Smart recycling company who challenge to
solve our environment
with our intellectuality and Sense.

Our population has increased so our living has enriched.
However, there’s limit in resources, and many corporations are shifting to
provide environmental-friendly services.
Recycling Business like us exist thanks to customers disposing wastes papers
and reuses recycled resources.
We work to raise awareness to people in this Recycling ring
so to join this environment activities together and lead this global-scaled environment issue to solution.

Our Global Network

Towards a recycling society,

We collect waste papers to our 10 recycling Center in Chiba and Ibaraki Prefecture,
and we compress them after sorting these wastes into each grade,
each different materials and these sorted wasted paper
will be supplied to Paper Mills in both Japan and Overseas.

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Company Profile

Company Name Saito Eiji Co.,Ltd
(Head Quarter)
Ryutetsu Bld. 3F 6-1-1 Kashiwa,
Kashiwa City Chiba Pref. Japan 277-0005
Founded March 1st 1946
Established November 17th 1959
Capital Stock 157 million JPY
Board Members Representative : Daisuke Saito
Director : Genji Saito, Shin Moritsuka
Auditor : Hidekazu Saito
Number of employees 134 (as of Dec 2021.)
Businesses 1. Sales for raw paper materials and raw paper bag materials
2. Sales for Japanese and Foreign papers
3. Business related to general waste recycling
4. Collection and transportation of Industrial Wastes
5. Collection and transportation of General Wastes
6. General Freight transportation business
7. Any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing
8. light-duty work such as bagging/ contract job of manual work (side work)
Main Clients Iwaki Daio Paper Corporation/Oji Materia Co.,Ltd/Corelex Group/Takasago Seishi Co.,Ltd/Tsurumi Paper CO.,Ltd/Nippon Paper Industries Co.,Ltd/Marusan Paper MFG.Co.,Ltd /Marutomi Seishi Co.,Ltd/Rengo Co.,Ltd Etc (in Japanese Alphabetical order)
Major Banks The Keiyo Bank,Ltd. Kashiwa Branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. Ueno Branch
The Joyo Bank Ltd Kashiwa Branch
The Chiba Bank Ltd. Hananoi Branch
Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) Senju Branch
MIZUHO Bank Ltd Kashiwa Branch
SUMITOMO MITSUI Banking corporation Kashiwa Branch
MUFG Bank Kashiwa-Chuo Branch
Etc (in Japanese Alphabetical order)

Head Quarter

Ryutetsu Bld. 3F 6-1-1 Kashiwa,
Kashiwa City Chiba Pref. Japan 277-0005

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