About us

Environmental policy

We, Saito-Eiji Co., Ltd., make contributions to recycle waste paper with our knowledge and skills in recycling, needed in our local area.

  • We promote environmental protection with our business
    1. We make recycling easy, safe and secure for people in our area by developing products and services that simplify the process of recycling.
    2. We collect waste paper that is hard to recycle, and seek to sell them as a commodity.
  • We decrease the impact on the environment in our business
    1. We recycle wastes from our business as much as possible
    2. We implement the following steps
      1. Reduce power usage, fuel and consumption
      2. Decrease noise and vibration
      3. Organize waste paper to avoid scattering
      4. Minimize CO2 from logistics
  • We invest for environmental protection
    1. We promote usage of low emission vehicles
    2. We keep our offices clean and green
    3. We keep our mills clean and safe
  • We join local environmental protection activities
  • We set our purpose and goal as well as planned stages for action to achieve the targets above. We constantly review our processes, from the top to the bottom of our organization, to improve our environmental management system.
  • We abide by environmental regulations and legal requirements.
  • We all share this policy and implement environmental protection by training and education.

October 13, 2014
Saito-Eiji Co., Ltd President Daisuke Saito