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We appropriately handle your personal information(name, address, phone number etc.) in accordance with our privacy policy.
Please refer to the following link for our privacy policy.
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Management of personal information

Management of personal information

We protect personal information abiding internal rules and implementing security measures, in order to prevent leaks, destructions, and disposals of it. We educate all employees for appropriate use of personal information to protect it.

Collection and use of personal information

We abide legal requirements for protection of personal information and appropriately collect personal information.
When we collect the information directly from people with document or through web sites, we clarify the purpose of use and get agreement for collection. However when the purpose is obvious from the situation, we may not tell it.
There are five purposes of personal information as follows, however when the collection is required by law, for protection of life or body, or to cooperate with national organization, we may collect personal information without the agreement and use them.

  1. Clients' personal information
    • To send products out
    • To send notices of products, services, and events
    • To respond to inquiries and consultations
    • To issue certifications
    • To develop products
    • To implement survey
    • To fulfill contracts
    • For business talks or meetings with clients
  2. Shareholder's personal information
    • To Exercise rights and fulfill duties under the commercial laws
    • To implement internal policies related to shareholders
    • To manage shareholders along legal requirements
  3. Personal information of public servants
    • To have communications, meetings or to report needed for businesses with public offices
  4. Personal information of trading companies, directors or presidents of other companies
    • To have communications and business talks that are needed for businesses
    • To manage information of customers, execute payments or receive payments
  5. Providing personal information to third partiest
    • To providing career information to applicants
    • To implement works need for employment

Providing personal information to third parties

We do not provide the personal information collected to third parties, except in the following cases.

  • When it's agreed to do so by the provider of the information
  • When the information is converted as statistic data, by which specifying the individuals is impossible
  • When provide or entrust personal information to outsourcing companies and so on, that we contract non-disclosure agreement with.
  • When it is required by laws and so on.

Voluntariness of providing personal information

It depends on the information owner's judgements whether to provide personal information to us or not. However, some services cannot be provided without personal information.

Handling of personal information on our websites

All personal information provided through our website is protected by SSL encrypted communication, and cannot be seen by third parties.

Inquiries for disclosure of personal information, complaints and consultations

When inquired for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use or providing to third parties of personal information, we correspond to them after identity verification of the claimant.

Disclosure of personal information

Contact: Head Office
Ryutetsu Kashiwa Bldg 3F, 6-1-1 Kashiwa, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, Japan
Tel: +81-4-7186-6701 Fax: +81-4-7186-6702

Identity verification for disclosure of personal information

The following documents are needed to verify identities for disclosure of personal information

  • Driver's license
  • Passport

When an attorney inquiries for disclosure, both the original claimant and the attorney need to submit these documents. If necessary, we directly contact claimant to confirm the inquiry.


To disclosing personal information, \300 fee will be charged.
Please pay in a fixed amount by money order. The extra charge will occur when you buy that at post offices.
When the personal information cannot be disclosed, this charge will be repaid.

Response to inquiries for disclosure, etc

Upon verifying identities we examine whether correspond to the inquiries for disclosure, but we cannot disclose the personal information in following cases.
In those case, we notify that the information cannot be disclosed.

  • When the identity cannot be verified
  • When the right of attorney cannot be confirmed
  • When the documents are not completed
  • When the required information is not 'retained personal data'
  • When the life, body and property of third parties or claimant seem to be affected
  • When it's illegal to do so
Use of personal information collected for disclosure, etc.

We use the personal information collected in inquiries of disclosure only in the scope needed for disclosure. The provided documents will be disposed in accordance with our internal rules for personal information.

Management of personal information

We protect personal information abiding internal rules and implementing security measures, in order to prevent leaks, destructions, and disposals of it. We educate all employees for appropriate use of personal information to protect it.

Please refer to our privacy policy as well.

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