Our official LINE now supports English!


Easy for people from overseas! Let’s start with contacting us though LINE Chat!


Thank you for using our service!

This is the Marketing Team of Saito Eiji Co.,Ltd.


Have you noticed we’ve renewed our website?

We have added our【official LINE question button】to our Inquiry Form page!


This Button 👇



Previously. we had to ask you to submit your inquiry through our Inquiry Form to contact, but now you could easily contact and ask us questions from our official LINE Chat.


When we displayed this LINE button on our website, we got a grateful call right away!



I believe it was a person from other countries,

We received a message saying “Can you collect waste papers?” in a slightly broken Japanese, then communicated through Chat many times that we got to deal waste paper collection for that customer.



We noticed that for people, filling out the inquiry form seemed to be difficult to do, so using this LINE chat by sending messages to communicate is much easier and convenient for booking.

This also helped us when they sent us pictures of the collection area and products.


We then came up with an idea to start using this LINE service in English as well, so that non-Japanese could also book raw material collection.


We have staff who is fluent in English so we are welcome to communicate in English too.



Ever though there are different point of views and expression about resource between various countries, we believe that we all consider to reduce environmental impact.


We’ll do our best to respond, please feel free to contact us.


Saito Eiji Co.,Ltd

Marketing Team


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