About us

About Saito Eiji Co., Ltd.

We are highly experienced and have accomplishment of trading recovered paper, and are expanding recycling steadily by trading with major papermaking companies.
We have 9 mills in Chiba and Ibaraki prefectures, managing our business locally.
We can stock 10 thousand ton of recovered paper, and quickly correspond to requests on logistics.
We are granted for transportation of industrial wastes in Chiba prefecture, Chiba city, Funabashi city, Kashiwa city, Ibaraki prefecture and are certificated for ISO14001.

Company Name Saito Eiji Co., Ltd.
Head Office Ryutetsu-Kashiwa bldg, 3F Kashiwa 6-1-1, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, Japan
Founded March 1st, 1946
Established November 17th, 1959
Capital 57 million yen
Directors President : Daisuke Saito
Director : Genji Saito
Director : Kiichi Oneda
Auditor : Eizo Saito
Employees 80
Contents of Business Selling raw material of paper, paper board or paper bags
Selling Japanese and Western paper products
Business related to recovery of general wastes
Collecting industrial wastes
Collecting general wastes
Transporting general cargos
All duties needed for above businesses
Main Clients Rengo Co., Ltd., Takasago Paper Mill, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., Oji Paper Co., Ltd., Kanto papermaking raw material direct supply, commercial and industrial partnerships, Tonichi International, Tonichi Kamisho Co., Ltd., Toho Bussan Co., Ltd., JOP CO., LTD., Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., CYCLE LINK INC., America Chung Nam Japan Co., Ltd., Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited, MARUSAN PAPER MFG.CO., LTD., Marutomi Seishi Co., Ltd., Yamahatsu Nihon Co., Ltd, RENGO PAPER BUSINESS CO., LTD., Oji Holdings Corporation, Keiyo Shigen Center Co., Ltd., HANWA Co., Ltd., SAN-EI REGULATOR CO., LTD., Tsurumi Paper Co., Ltd., IWAKI DAIO PAPER CORPORATION, SHIN-EI PAPER MFG. CO., LTD.,  JOP RECYCLE CO., LTD., Pana-Chemical Co., Ltd.
Banks The Chiba Bank, Ltd. Hananoi Branch, JOYO BANK, Ltd. Kashiwa Branch, The bank of Tokyo-Mitsubisi UFJ, Ltd. Kashiwa-chuo Branch, Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Kashiwa Branch, The Keiyo Bank, Ltd. Kashiwa Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kashiwa Branch, Tokyo Bay Shinkin Bank Edogawadai Branch, SHOKO CHUKIN BANK Ueno Branch, Japan Finance Corporation Senju Branch


  • ISO14001:2004 Certification Number: JQA-EM5374
  • Certified as a Collector of Industrial Wastes by Chiba Prefecture, Certification Number: 1200107031
  • Certified as a Recycling Business Operator by Chiba Prefecture, Registration Number: 2
  • Certified as a Recycling Business Operator by Ibaraki Prefecture, Registration Number: 3002 (For Tsuchiura mill), 3018 (For Ushiku mill), 3020 (For Toride mill)
  • Certified as a Collector of Industrial Wastes by Ibaraki Prefecture, Certification Number: 0801107031
  • Certified as an Antique Dealer by Chiba Prefecture, Certification Number: 401280000028
  • Certified as an Antique Dealer by Ibaraki Prefecture, Certification Number: 441090001933


March 1st, 1946 Founder Eiji Saito starts business in Nippori, Arakawa-ward, Tokyo
November 17th, 1959 Saito-Eiji Co., Ltd. is registered as a company
September 1st, 1966 Kashiwa mill starts operation in Kashiwa-shi, Chiba
November 1st, 1976 Ibaraki mill starts operation in Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki
November 1st, 1985 Head office is transferred from Nippori to Kashiwa-shi
May 1st, 1987 Chiba mill starts operation in Wakaba-ward, Chiba-shi, Chiba
June 1st, 1993 Shojiki warehouse starts operation in Ushiku-shi, Ibaraki
April 1st, 2000 Ushiku mill starts operation in Ushiku-shi, Ibaraki
June 1st , 2001 Funabashi mill starts operation in Funabashi-shi, Chiba
March 1st , 2004 Tsuchiura warehouse starts operation in Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki
April 8th , 2005 Toke mill starts operation in Midori-ward, Chiba-shi, Chiba
May 1st , 2008 Toride mill starts operation in Toride-shi, Ibaraki
November 8th , 2010 Matsudo mill starts operation in Matsudo-shi, Chiba
March 20th , 2013 Kashiwa mill changes its location due to readjustment of town lots by the government


Contact us for any inquiries about paper recycling. We'll propose you the best way for you.
We issue certification of Disposal and give presences for disposing confidential documents.
Recycling certification can issued when deriving raw material of paper-making from the collected recovered paper.

Newspapers, magazines, corrugated containers, office papers etc.

We collect waste printing papers, old corrugated containers, old newspapers or magazines of offices or homes.
We have collecting services of recovered paper.
We welcome you bringing recovered paper from your houses or offices.
When you have old corrugated containers, old newspapers and old magazines more than 100 kg respectively, we will buy them at current price.

Confidential documents

We recycle confidential documents from companies, factories, hospitals, government offices, or tax offices.
We are certificated for Privacy mark, corresponding for personal information issues in high secured condition.

Hard-to-recycle paper

We trade hard-to-recycle papers, generally said to be difficult for recycling.

  • papers with vinyl or polyethylene
  • laminated papers
  • shredded papers
  • window envelopes, papers with other materials
  • tack papers
  • carbon papers (sometimes cannot be recycled)


We sell recovered paper to not only in Japan, but also to abroad.
For a long-term transaction, we correspond to your request on qualities or quantities.
We increase our storing capacity, keeping recovered paper recycled,
and we also operate warehousing industry.

We work with our customers for a farther leap. Feel free to contact us.