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Daisuke Saito

Saito Eiji Co., Ltd.
President Daisuke Saito

Our company started its business as a collector of general wastes in the 1920s. It was founded as a company in 1946, and I am the third president. We have been contributing in effective use of resources since before the concept of recycling. Starting as a company in the hard times after World War Ⅱ, when people were very short of commodities, we kept doing what was needed and won people’s trust, getting our business on track. I recognize this history as what made us who we are today.

Now Japan has become a well to do country, with people enjoying more economic freedom. Needless to say, our mission has changed along all the change of the times.
I think the important facts in recovered paper recycling are deciding price, creating demand, establishing a supply chain and assuring quality. Currently we have our mills in Chiba prefecture and Ibaraki prefecture, covering the business from collecting waste paper to selling it to the market. We are aware that our business is a major part of the recovered paper market.

For example, waste paper combined with lots of other materials can’t be recycled and is treated as trash but we take the extra effort to sort this paper, not only collecting. With this sorting of waste paper they become the ‘next raw material’ from ‘trash’. In this way we can also be a supplier of raw materials for recycled products.
There are huge consumptions in today’s time, which affect the environment and cause scarcity of resources. Our mission is now to contribute to a society that is environmental friendly and to save resources, through recovered paper recycling.
We have defined ‘six customers’ and will work to maximize benefits, contributing to a sustainable society.

6人の顧客の定義 「古紙の供給者 市場に販売したい人」「古紙の利用者 役立てたい人」「古紙の提供者役立ててもらいたい人」「古紙の需要者 購入したい人」「古紙の排出者 不用品として排出する人」「古紙の支援者 それを支え助けてくれる人」